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Summer Safety Tips

Summer Safety Tips


Flying Kites is easy fun on a windy day, but be careful to stay away from power lines. Traditional kite string can conduct electricity if it comes in contact with a live power line. So remember to keep an eye on your kite at all times and fly it in an open space free of power lines, and we’ll leave the kite string experiments to Benjamin Franklin.

Swimming is one of the coolest activities in the summer, literally! It is easy to jump in a cool lake or river, but be cautious for any crossing or buried power lines. If you see any signs for nearby voltage in a lake or river, it is best to just go to the community pool.

Summer Storms can be fascinating to watch, but can also be very dangerous to communities and linemen. When lightening is present, stay away from trees and playgrounds, and if you see any fallen power lines or trees near power lines, contact the United Electric office ASAP.


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